Mostly I'm happy and I'm bouncy
Because I am the only-est one
(hmm hmm hmm)
But now all at once i feel so lonely
For someone like me
(someone like me)

Right now i'm sorta feelin' downsee
I'm just about the lomely-est one 
(hmm hmm hmm hmm)
And deep in my heart i'm sorta wishin'
For someone like me(someone like me)

Somebody with springs and things
Who laughs and sings and jumps everyday
Somebody who's fun, fun, fun
Who loves to trounce and pounce and bounce
the gloomies away (hoo-hoo...)

How I dream there is another
A double or a triple of me (to keep him company)
But since I'm awake I feel so lonely
Because I know it can't be (it never can be)

Being that i'm the one and only-est someone like me
Someone like me.