Hello friends, Here is a brand new page, where you can read all the latest news about your favourite bear. My friend Paul Bray is totally in charge of this page, its his baby  and you can write to him at vectra99_uk@yahoo.com with any suggestions or feedback.    

Pooh originals sold 

Pooh deal could help struggling authors

Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and You

Pooh letters go to auction

World affairs and Winnie the Pooh on Blair's agenda

A different image of Pooh

Millions in Pooh earnings up for grabs

Winnie the Pooh goes to university 


Pooh profits rejected 

Poor rhythm 'at heart of dyslexia'

Pooh suggested for Trafalgar plinth 

Disney sued over Pooh royalties

Blair urged to bring home Winnie the Pooh

Christopher Robin footage found

Pooh celebrates 75th birthday

Disney to save Pooh Bridge 

Pooh suffers 'psychological problems'

Christopher Robin revealed