They're black, they're brown,
they're up, they're down
They're in, they're out, they're all about!
They're far, they're near, they're gone
they're here!
They're quick and slick, they're insincere!
Beware! Beware! Be a very wary bear

A heffalump or woozle is very confusil
A heffalump or woozle's very sly!
(sly) (sly) (sly)
They come in ones and twosles but if they so choosles
Before your eyes you'll see them multiply (ply) (ply) (ply)

They're extraordinary so better be wary
Because they come in ev'ry shape and size
(size) (size) (size)

If honey's what you covet, you'll find that they love it
Because they'll guzzle up the thing you prize

Beware! Beware!
Be a very wary bear
Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware!