You know there's all kinds of creatures in the forest of green 
And thy're not all that irrerent from you and me 
They have fun, yeah, they like to have fun 
You got bears and owls and rabbits and pigs
Bouncing Kanga-Roos and a gopher who digs 
Havin' fun, yeah, they like to have fun 
Trudgin' through the wood on a rainy day 
All soakin' wet but you might even say 
That it's fun-a little wet-yeah, but it's fun 
Splashin' in a puddle with my big boots 
Ask Owl and he'll tell you we're in cahoots 
To have fun, ooh yeah, we'll have fun 
Havin' fun can make you wanna sing 
Or eat a big cake, yeah, the whole darn thing 
But you be careful 'cause when 
you're through 
You might feel a little blue 
Sneaking on your belly like a Tigger in hunt 
Let me tell you something buddy, If I can be blunt 
It is fun, oh yeah, let's have fun 
Stand up off your fanny, get up and go now 
Pooh bear and his buddies,ooh yeah, they have fun 
Now that you're heard all that I have to say 
Evrything's a grand adventure when you see it that way 
Don't forget what's a number one 
Your job is never done 
Havin' fun 
ooh yeah, we'll have fun ooh, they like to have fun let's have some fun