Today's the day!

In only a atter of momnts you'll all

be on your way

What lurks around the corner?

Not a soul can say ...

But I can guess

More or less

Hidden dangers, great duress

Ah, the moment of glory is close at hand


It's gonna be grand!


Adenture is a wonderful thing.

Pack only the essentials

I'll tell you what to bring

Your strength, your nerve

Your hearts, your wits

And for skullasaurus attacks

First aid kits


Adventure is a hoot and a half

You'll face unearthly dangers

And look at them and luagh

The claws, the teeth

The chase, the thrill

You'll never want to come home

Maybe you never will


That's the beauty of adventure

It's strictly sink or float

It runs ou till you're ragged

Then it grabs you by the throat

You struggle to survive it

Though the chances are remote ...


Lucky you!

Wish I was coming too

Adventure is wonderful thing!


And you, General Pooh

Off ou go marching high and lw

Your friend, waits at the end

Right here


Take a look, the map is perfectly clear

With your eecellent ense of direction

You've nothing to fear


Through the quicksand and the chasms

Tempting fate and ighting spasms

Dodging avalanching boulders

Remember ...

Christopher Robin's fate rests compleely

on your shoulders, Pooh


It's up to you!


That's the beauty of adenture

The trembling and th dread

I can't think of another thing I'd rather

do instaed



Perhaps you could join us?




No, no you go ahead


Lucky You!

Tally-ho and toodle-loo

Ready now?

Noble chin

Chect out

Tummy in

Make a fracas! Have a fling!

Drop a postcard! Give a ring!

Get the lead out! Time to swing!

Whoop-de-do, and ba-da-bing!

Adventure is a wonderful thing!