Hunny Pot Points can be found on the packaging or tags for many types of Pooh merchandise (usually Disney). In the past, Hunny Pot Points could be turned in (along with some additional charge) for various specials. For information about the current Hunny Pot Point program, call

Also, Hunny Pot Points can be used to join the Pooh Friendship Club.
Yearly membership is $25 plus 15 Hunny Pot Points, or $50 without the Hunny
Pot Points. For joining the club, you'll receive a "Clubhouse Play Kit" with
various items, quarterly issues of "Pooh News", and an art print. For more
information, call the phone number above, or write to:
Pooh Friendship Club
PO Box 1723
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1723

An alternative use of Hunny Pots Points is to use them at The Hunny
Pot, an online store, the url to which is

For every ten Hunny Pot Points you turn in with your order, they'll
subtract $1.00 from the total order.

And for you Pooh fans in India, we know how tough it is to find any Pooh stuff!! But, here are a few places where you can try and if you are lucky, you just might get something Pooh! All the best!!

  • The Crawford Market
    (Mahalaxmi, Mumbai)

  • CrossWords (the Book Store, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai)

  • Cross Roads (Mahalaxmi, Mumbai)

  • Vile Parle (West), Mumbai
    (Just look in each of the gift shops along the station roads)